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An ordinary Danish guy with big dreams… Serial entrepreneur, personal growth hacker, and lover of life…

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I’m currently creating my first course in personal growth, focusing on getting a success mindset.

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About Me

I’m a digital entrepreneur from Denmark living in Thailand. In the last 10+ years, I’ve launched a series of online businesses, lived abroad for 9 years, and traveled to 30+ countries.

I love building new online businesses that help people solve their problems. My favorite process is developing new concepts and designing them. Not much feels better than manifesting an idea and bringing it into reality.

The focus of my websites is within my 3 favorite niches that are the closest to my heart: Personal Growth, Health & Online Business Opportunities.

Latest Reviews & Bonuses

Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley is the #1 learning platform for personal growth where you learn directly from the top experts. Experience true transformation in spirituality, mind, body, soul, relationships, career, and entrepreneurship. I’ve completed 8 courses in my first year and I absolutely love all the courses!

Innercise App Review

Innercise App Review

The Innercise app is like having your personal mindset coach in your pocket. When you use this app for 10-20 minutes per day, you’ll get better emotional control, boost your confidence, achieve your goals faster and easier, plus much more… I’ve personally been using the Innercise app daily for 100+ days…

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