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Get all the juicy insider secrets from the hottest product launches and evergreen systems. 

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I’m always creating new products and services that solve problems in my 3 favorite niches.

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About Me

I’m a digital entrepreneur from Denmark living in Thailand. In the last 10+ years, I’ve launched a series of online businesses, lived abroad for 9 years, and traveled to 50+ countries.

I love building new online businesses that help people solve their problems. My favorite process is developing new concepts and designing them. Not much feels better than manifesting an idea and bringing it into reality.

The focus of my websites is within my 3 favorite niches that are the closest to my heart: Personal Growth, Health & Online Business Opportunities.

Latest Reviews & Bonuses

Tonai Review

Tonai Review

Tonai is a revolutionary tone-based AI content creator that creates captivating videos, audio, and text content in 30+ tones of voice and any language. You can create content with personality with a few clicks for almost any purpose. Save hundreds of hours of work while improving your content…

ReviewReel Review

ReviewReel Review

ReviewReel is an A.I.-powered review video creator software that creates engaging review videos in less than 10 minutes. You’ll never have to show your face, record your voice or even write a script for the video because the A.I. takes care of everything for you! Simply answer a few questions…

AgencyScale Review

AgencyScale Review

AgencyScale is a powerful agency management and growth software suite that runs your agency for you! You’ll get 32 DFY blueprints to turn the top software your already own into an agency business. You can also find 200 hungry clients every day with the smart client finder. The CRM system can…

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